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follow up consult (35 mins.)

This service is for current nutrition and coaching clients. Regular sessions can help you stay accountable. Each follow up session includes a 35 minute visit and a 2 week action plan.

COST - $60.00


transformational coaching session (35 mins.)

Do you feel as though your health is good, but you find yourself stuck in other areas of your life? Are you frustrated at work, in your relationships, spiritually or emotionally?

Our habits are what keep us from making the changes we need to grow. I use a combination of CBT and other proven coaching techniques to help you recognize potentially destructive habits and re-route them to build healthy habits that will change your life for the better.

COST - $60.00



This service is for local clients only (Victoria, B.C.) Join me at Whole Foods salad bar, where we can assess your current go-to lunch choices. Are they the best choices for you? Let’s have lunch and discuss how you can make small, easy changes to create BIG benefits to your health.

COST - $60.00


SHOPPING TRIP (35 mins.)

This service is for local clients only (Victoria, B.C.) Together, we will visit your regular grocery store to analyze your current shopping routines, look at healthy alternatives, and learn to read food labels.

COST - $60.00



I offer a free 20 minute call to give you an idea of my services are a good fit for you.