We’re all familiar with the term “probiotic”.

It seems as if it’s plastered everywhere, a hot buzz word within the nutrition industry. But did you know that taking a broad spectrum probiotic (a supplement containing beneficial bacteria) without knowing which bacterial species are already residing in your gut can be either totally useless, or even damaging to your health?

There are 3-4 pounds of bacteria in your gut that are responsible for the vast majority of your digestive health, immune power, and even regulating your moods.

Understanding the makeup of bacteria that live within your unique gut microbiome then, could provide you with the information that you need to achieve perfect health.

Enter uBiome and the SiB Nutrition Gut Explorer Protocol:


uBiome is a leading microbial genomics company that has received many prestigious awards within the healthcare industry. uBiome's laboratory in San Francisco and is licensed under Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) and accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP). Only the top 3% of laboratories in the world have been accredited by CAP, which is viewed as the gold standard for laboratory governance.

The process is easy (trust me)!

This is not your average fecal sample. A simple swab from your used toilet paper provides uBiome with enough information to create a full breakdown of the bacteria present in your intestinal tract.

After studying your Gut Explorer results, I am able to create a unique protocol of proven foods and supplements (including the RIGHT probiotics) for your body’s specific needs. you will experience better digestion, stronger immunity, and even improved moods (goodbye, depression & anxiety!)

This has the potential to transform your life.


session (1)

This introduction consult is the first of three personal consults. We will talk about how the kit works, how to use it, and cover any questions about the process. We will also complete my Gut Explorer Wellness Form to establish your current state of health.


session (2)

The second consult is all about your unique, specific data! Together, we will go over your Gut Explorer kit results in detail, with a focus on understanding the data and what it means.

You will then receive your personal Gut Explorer Protocol (action plan), and we will discuss implementation.


session (3)

After three weeks of implementing your personalized Gut Explorer protocol, we check back in. What worked well? What isn’t working? What changes have you experienced in your overall health and wellness?

*Option to book additional follow up/accountability consults at a 10% discount

COST - $369.99 / value of $442.00

*Payment plans are available for this service. Contact me directly for details.

*Following your Gut Explorer package, add a shopping trip and/or follow up consults at a 10% discounted rate for 60 days