The SiB Nutrition approach to holistic nutrition for client health is a combination of the following principles:




The word Holistic comes from the Greek word holos, meaning ‘whole’. The theory of “whole-ism” comes from the idea that nature is always whole. As beings of nature we are bound to these laws. That’s why I work the whole that makes up an individual - to support them, and to help them succeed.

habitual transformation coaching

At the root of all ailments and issues is bad habits, compounded over many years to solidify them into our brains and bodily tissues. The key to transformation is recognizing those habits and replacing them with healthy ones. I help clients achieve this through CBT and various other proven coaching methods.


Working in a functional model allows me to focus on identifying and addressing the root cause of dis-ease. Each symptom maybe one of many that that are contributing to an individuals ailment. The cause of dis-ease is a make up of genetics, lifestyle and your environment. Only treatments that are directed at the root cause will have long lasting benefit.


bio-individuality & the microbiome

I say this at least once a day : "You and I are 99.99% genetically identical, but when it comes to the 4lbs of microbes that live in our gut, we are 90% different!"

Our differences are what make us beautiful. We all have different life stories, different bodies, and different bugs. Feeding your unique microbiome in the best way possible is the key to efficiently achieving optimal health & wellness.