client testimonials

The client-practitioner relationship is the single most important aspect of any therapy. Before you commit to working with me, please read some of my past and current client experiences.


Meet mariana

"Simon is not any kind of desperate nutrition lunatic, attempting to get attention through fear-based “health remarks” or fake promises. He is a realist who WALKS THE TALK. I transcended into my dream life after only the first consultation because that is how easy he broke my naturally existing stubbornness to stay within the realm of my comfortable, yet destructive habits. Allow him a moment, give your life the liftoff you want and need."


meet katie

"Simon has been fantastic. Since our first session so much has changed for me - I was in quite a lot of pain with my digestion playing up. Simon gave sound advice and suggestions of supplements that would help and they really have! Each session we agreed to change/implement 3 things which I found easy to adapt to - he is a font of knowledge and I am so glad I have his support. I would recommend Simon to everyone who is interested in improving their health. I have seen significantly changes since I have been speaking with him. If you want to feel ‘well’ and who doesn’t then speak to Simon - you won’t regret it!"


meet cristina

 "Having a complicated health history starting at adolescence, with more than one autoimmune disease and exhausted from years of western (non) solutions, I started exploring holistic sustainable alternatives. Simon is a breath of fresh air, he took me on as a client with his extensive knowledge in many holistic options, his enthusiasm and compassion. He has fuelled my desire and hope to continue my holistic journey in bringing my conditions into remission."